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Recurring House Cleaning

Offering monthly, bi-weekly, or one-time deep cleaning. Includes vacuum, dusting, and sanitizing every room. Using our own supplies and equipment, we clean top to bottom, leaving no spot missed.

Office Cleaning

Your customers, tenants and employees deserve only the best environment when they visit your office. We strive to improve the look of any facility and make sure our customers are satisfied. Your image matters to us!

One Time Deep Clean

Having trouble getting time to do your Spring Cleaning? Our Deep Cleaning Service will keep your house in top shape, we get to every detail that has been driving you crazy! 

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet has its advantages, but spills can leave stains and daily traffic takes its toll. That's why we're here to help! Our full service carpet cleaning process removes stains, mold,  odors, and leaves your carpet looking fresh and new!

Move In/Out Cleaning

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences in life. Between packing and organizing it can be overwhelming. Whether you're moving in or moving out or settling in Little Saints will leave your home sparkling and new. We will attend to all of your moving needs.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning Services provide tough stain removal and steamcleaning. We also clean and polish wood furniture leaving it spotless, no more streaks!

Roof/Building Cleaning

Is mold making your house look old? Little Saints Cleaning service has the answer with our no-pressure roof/building cleaning service. We use our soft-wash chemical treatment to remove mold and bacteria, while preserving the life of your home or roof unlike destructive pressure which can leave it damaged. Ask about our clean and maintenance specials!


Pressure Washing

 Is that driveway starting to look a little tired? We use pressure washing and chemical cleaning to make your driveways, patios, screen enclosures and pool decks look new again!

Professional Window Cleaning

 Wouldn't it be nice to see out that windows again? Are things looking blurry? Chances are that you could benefit from our window cleaning specials, we clean the tracks and screens as well!

Additional Services

Inside Cabinets


As well as the exterior cleaning of cabinets, we also offer the additional service for extensive interior cabinet cleaning!



Inside Fridge


Tired of looking at that dirty fridge, but don't have time to do it right? Ask about or Inside Fridge Cleaning option!

Baseboard Washing


With our baseboard washing service, your baseboard no longer need to be an eyesore!





Inside Oven


Tired of that unidentifiable black lump burnt into your oven? Have us get it like new again so when you cook you know it's just the food your going to taste with our Inside Oven Cleaning Service!



Interior Walls


Tired of all the smudges and fingerprints or other messes that have ended up on your walls? We offer full Interior Wall Cleaning Services!

Shelf Cleaning Service


Getting sick of looking at all those dusty shelves but don't have the time to deal with all the hassle of taking down all of that stuff? Our shelf cleaning service will get them nice and neat again!




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