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 Move in-out Cleaning Plan

Not happy with our move in-out cleaning package? Have ideas of your own? We offer customized move in-out cleaning that will tailor to your needs. You can choose how deep you want to go!
We use only the best cleaning supplies
We ensure the safety of our staff by providing them with the necessary PPE
We offer carpet steam cleaning at a discount when packaged with move in-out cleaning!
All Rooms :
  • Top to bottom dusting which includes picture frames, ceiling fans, mini blinds, knick nacks, lamps, shelves, vents, window sills, and woodwork.

  • Floors are vacuumed or mopped.

  • Furniture vacuumed and cleaned underneath.

  • Furniture polished.

  • Glass surfaces are cleaned.

  • Baseboards, moldings, and doors are dusted and wiped down.

  • Clean door and frame for fingerprints.

Living / Sitting Rooms : 
  • Dusting top to bottom.

  • Glass surfaces are cleaned.

  • Baseboards dusted and wiped.

  • Furniture vacuumed and cleaned underneath.

  • Furniture polished.

  • Light fixtures and ceiling fans are dusted and wiped down.

  • Floors are vacuumed or mopped.

  • Wall and door cleaning for fingerprints.

Bathrooms :
  • Cleaning and sanitizing countertops, bathtub, shower/shower doors, toliet(behind it as well), mirrors, basin, and interior and exterior of cabinet doors.

  • Top to bottom dusting.

  • Tile grout in shower/bathtub are scrubbed and sanitized.

  • Soap scum removal

  • Doors and walls cleaned for fingerprints.

  • Top to bottom dusting 

  • Baseboards dusted and wiped.

  • Deodorized and sanitized.

Kitchens : 
  • Cleaning and sanitizing countertops, stove/range interior and exterior, microwave (inside & out), drip pans, exterior of kitchen appliances, and interior and exterior of cabinet doors. 

  • Fridge interior and exterior cleaned and sanitized.

  • Oven interior and exterior cleaned and sanitized.

  • Glass surfaces are cleaned.

  • Mopping of floors.

  • Furniture polished and cleaned. 

  • Wall and door cleaning for fingerprints.

Additional Services We Offer :

Inside Cabinets


As well as the exterior cleaning of cabinets we also offer the additional service for extensive interior cabinet cleaning!



Inside Fridge


Tired of looking at that dirty fridge, but don't have time to do it right? Ask about or Inside Fridge Cleaning option!



Interior and Exterior  Window Cleaning 


Wouldn't it be nice to see out that windows again? Are things looking blurry? Chances are that you could benefit from our window cleaning specials!

Inside Oven


Tired of that unidentifiable black lump burnt into your oven? Have us get it like new again so when you cook you know it's just the food your going to taste with our Inside Oven Cleaning Service!



Interior Walls


Tired of all the smudges and fingerprints or other messes that have ended up on your walls? We offer full Interior Wall Cleaning Services!




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